What to include in your cv?

What to include in your cv?

1 - Contact information

Keep this section brief. Make sure that you can easily be contacted by providing your contact information. It should contain the following: home address, telephone number and email address (Important).

2 - Education

Usually stated in reverse chronological order beginning with your most recent degrees and training. Include the where and when you received them as well.

3 - Work experience

Employers will want to know about your previous employment and experience. Also stated in reverse chronological order, don’t forget to include position details and dates. Start with your most recent position first. Make the experience that could be transferred to another employer stand out from the rest.

4 - Skills and qualifications

Only list skills you have developed and think could be useful for the prospective employer/company (languages, computer skills, etc.)

5 - Hobbies and interests

It is perfectly fine to state your hobbies and interests, as long as they are related to the job you are applying for.

Also mention that you have references that are available upon request.


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