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Don't worry, it happens to everyone. You can get a new password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link on the

"Log in to my account", then follow the instructions.

You can add many resumes to your dashboard. Once you select the resume you wish to use, all other versions of your resume will become non-searchable. You can modify your resume and change which one is searchable at any time.

On the right side of your CV page. You will find a list of suggestions listing the sections that are missing information.We highly recommend you to fill all these details so that you present recruiters an impressive resume.You can also upload a resume from your computer.

Nothing. Dzemploi's services have always been FREE for Job Seekers. You can sign-up, make a resume, and apply for jobs all for free.

Yes!  If you are loged into Jobcontact account all you need to do is to click on save option. You just need to go to dashboard to view your list of saved jobs.

To apply for a position, click on 'Apply' button from the job details on the job posting. This will take you through an application page that gets sent automatically to the employer, which you attach your CV. If there is not an 'Apply' button on the advert, then the recruiter will normally provide you with other application instructions.

After you apply for a job, your complete application is then listed on 'Applied jobs' page and can be tracked from there.

To create a job alert follow the bellow steps:

  • Login to your jobcontact accountTo create a job alerte follow the bellow steps:
  • Scroll down to the "Job Alerts" section
  • In the job Alert section,either select create a job Alert or find the Alert you want to edit
  • Insert your information and click Save Alert button to create a new Job Alert
  • Make the changes and click Update Alert button to edit an existing  Job Alert

To unsubscribe to Job Alerts Email you must first sign in to your jobcontact account. Once logged in, click on Job Alerts section that is on the left hand side on the screen. This will take you where you manage your Job Alerts. Choose the Job Alert you want to remove from the list and click Delete button on the far right of the page.


If you have any inqueries about the services offered or general feedback on jobcontact, then please talk directly with our support staff at :